Handwerksbetrieb mit Tradition


Bending services

Bending of medium and big aluminium, steel and special profiles. 

CNC roll bending

  • Steel and aluminium profiles 
  • 3D spiral bending of pipes and flat material
  • 2D ring bending of pipes and profiles 
  • Section modulus for steel = wx 100 cm³
  • Section modulus for aluminium = wx 150-250 cm³  

NC mandrel bending

  • round tubes with 21,3 - 48,0 mm 
  • bending radii 1,5 x D – 2,0 x D 
  • alternating straight lines and bends 

Manufacturing examples

  • handrails and railings
  • spiral staircases
  1. special constructions, such as ellipses and basket arches


  • high precision and outstanding roll bending performance 
  • seamless transitions
  • an attractive price-performance ratio

Measurement sheets (PDF) for your request or order can be downloaded here.