Handwerksbetrieb mit Tradition


Our achievements   

Steel construction

We manufacture and assemble parts, module units and plant for the following industrial uses:
1. Building industry
2. Mechanical engineering
3. Trade Fair and Exhibition stands

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Trade Fair and Exhibition

Since 2003 we have been in cooperation with an associated partner company manufacturing and assembling a variety of client´s innovative Exhibition stands from steel, stainless steel and...

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Sheet metal working

Using modern CNC machinery, we manufacture in steel, aluminium and stainless steel.

Manufacturing examples:

  • Contract work from drawings
  • Housings, fairing and trim segments ...

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Aluminium and Stainless steel processing

We work with aluminium since 1940 and stainless steel since 1970 for industrial applications as well as in design for Exhibitions. The completion follows customer designs...

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Water jet cutting

The water jet cutting technology provides a limitless material variety. It is particularly recommended to from metallic and non-metallic materials...

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Bending services

Bending of medium and big aluminium, steel and special profiles. 

  • CNC roll bending
  • NC mandrel bending

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Gas and plasma cutting

Since February, 2007 we own a CNC-controlled plasma cutting machine...

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Construction and Engineering

Our designers work on a wide range of projects from simple workshop drawings to specialised engineering constructions...
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Other services

Cooperation services:

  • Powder coating, paintwork and anodic coating
  • Hot dip galvanising and electroplating...

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Equipment for the towers of the wind strength arrangements

We are suppliers for the equipment of pilework for wind strength arrangements...

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